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Kennedy’s School of Government, Dame Pamela has extensively lectured students keen to practice “the art of the possible”.Her special affinity for Queen’s began in the 1970’s, when she enrolled in the University’s innovative undergraduate Distance Learning courses. In later years, despite the demands of her political office, Dame Pamela took great pleasure in earning her MBA from Queen’s School of Business.Currently, Dame Pamela is actively involved with several international charitable organizations including the ISIS Foundation (which focuses on maternal and child care in Nepal Africa), the World Fellowship (which supports the global outreach of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards) and the Magic That Matters Foundation (which sponsors Johns Hopkins Hospital’s stem cell research program).Married to Andrew Banks, founder of private equity firm ABRY Partners, Dame Pamela has four accomplished adult children and three beautiful grandchildren, and lives in Bermuda.Robert Beamish was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. During his younger years, his family moved often due to his father’s job, which meant Bob attended various public schools in Toronto and Montreal.

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